Tours offers individual and small group neighborhood tours of the Lower Ninth Ward.

Stops include the Mississippi and Industrial Canal levees, a visit to one of’s open work sites, and Fats Domino’s pre-Katrina home.

The tour is offered in exchange for a contribution to the organization, and all proceeds go directly to rebuilding homes in the Lower Ninth Ward. It is a good idea to book your tour as soon as you know your travel itinerary, as our capacity is limited.

See reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, from blogger Rick Steves, and in the New York Times’ 36 Hours in New Orleans.

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  • The things she taught us were anywhere from terrifying, to astonishing, to heartwarming. She is so hardworking, humble, simple, well-versed, well-informed, passionate like no one else I've ever met. She took us to all the four corners of the lower ninth ward, to George's house, and we even stopped in at her own house. She explained exactly how the water entered the area, how people lived before this flood and how the area was, how houses are built in the area, the current challenges overall, the progress and successes, the work being done in the community, how she ended up doing what she's doing, what the organization is doing and how, how volunteering with them works... I cannot speak highly enough about this experience.
    Eva P.
    Ottawa, Canada
  • If you are visiting New Orleans and want to get a real look at the ravages of Katrina as well as see great hope in people helping people, contact Lower Nine for their tour. You'll learn a lot and see more than any commercial tour will ever show you.
    Glenn Taylor
  • I truly can't say enough good things about LOWERNINE.ORG! Some friends and I went on a walking/driving tour of the lower ninth ward with Laura and it was phenomenal. Our goal was to see how Katrina impacted the neighborhood and try to understand whether or not revitalization efforts have been successful. I won't say we left with many answers, but thanks to our conscientious guide we were able to learn a lot. Anyone interested in volunteering in New Orleans should reach out to lowernine to see how they can get involved. There is still a lot of work to be done and this organization is at the forefront of rebuilding efforts. Although we only had time for a day tour of the neighborhood, I know they also offer opportunities for extended service trips. We liked our experience so much we are already planning to go back!
    Justin B.
    Oakland, CA